Mythical Lost Spirits Distillery Tour, Los Angeles

On a recent trip to LA, I stumbled upon one of the more creative and unique distillery experiences out there. In fact, the Lost Spirits Distillery Tour is unlike anything I’ve experienced before in the past… and that’s what made it such a highlight of the trip.

To start off with, let me just put it out there – there is nothing “ordinary” about this tour. Most breweries and distilleries that I’ve been to in the past put a lot of time and effort into their entrance, typically an impressive display of logos, distilling tanks, glass fronted tasting rooms, you name it. But Lost Spirits is a little different. Tucked away in a side street of LA’s Arts District, just east of downtown, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d arrived at the right place when my Uber dropped me off.

Tired of reading every identical travel blog out there, here is the unfiltered and unabridged story of adventure.
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